Tips to Get Your Kids Settled into Your New Home for the Upcoming School Year

Tips to Get Your Kids Settled into Your New Home for the Upcoming School Year

Parents getting their kids ready for the upcoming school year in their new Kay Builders home.

August 8, 2022

Moving into a new home is an exciting time in your life, but when you have school-aged kids, it can sometimes be a lot for them to adjust to—especially if moving to your new home also entails that they will be going to a different school when the year begins. At Kay Builders, our team always wants to ensure that the entire construction and moving process goes smoothly for all of our homeowners, even after you get the keys—so read on to see a few tips to help get your kids settled into their new home and ready for an exciting year at their new school. 

Unpack kids rooms first

If you’ve just moved into your new home, you’ll inevitably want to get started unpacking right away. Before you get too deep into it, though—and with the exception of setting up the kitchen and bathroom essentials—it’s best to work on getting your kids’ rooms unpacked first. Making this your priority will help ensure that they can begin making their room feel like home right away. If you’re willing to let them have creative control over this new space, allow them to pick out their own paint color or choose where they want all of their furniture pieces to go. This will help get them excited about their new room and give them a sense of ownership over this particular space. 

Get into your regular routine 

Soon after you get settled in, try and make an effort to get back into your normal routine. When you have a fairly set schedule of when your mealtimes, snack times, nap times and bedtimes are, and you stick to them after a potential hectic few days of moving, it will inevitably help your children feel that sense of normalcy again. Keeping up with any daily activities you used to do within your old home will quickly make your new house feel just like home, no matter where you end up moving to. 

Tour the neighborhood 

Before you officially make the move, odds are you’ve already learned a few fun places that you will be living around. One night, plan on taking a family walk or drive and get a feel for where the closest park, library or sports field is. This will get your kids more excited about the area and allow them to feel better acquainted with their new life, and it will also help familiarize your entire family with the new community as well.

Encourage involvement 

If you just moved to your new construction home during the summer holidays, there’s no better time to host a get-together with your new neighbors. This is especially a great way for your own children to meet a few kids in the community who are close in age to them before school starts. When school does begin, encourage your child to look into any after school activities that they find interesting. Many of the communities we build are located within incredible school districts that put an emphasis on athletics and extracurricular activities as well as academics—ensuring that your child will easily be able to find something they’re passionate about to get involved in after school or on weekends. 

Be patient 

The biggest thing to remember is to be patient and to give your child the chance to feel comfortable in their new space at their own pace. At Kay Builders, we strive to create stunning homes that we know your whole family will surely love—so if you’re ready to make the move to the home of your dreams today, browse our stunning floor plan options and take a look through our new construction communities before giving us a call at (484) 353-6100 or filling out our online form today.

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