What does CUSTOM-i-ZABLE mean?

Others claim to customize…we actually do it. Our floor plans are merely a framework to get you started. You have the freedom to move walls, rearrange traffic flows, fully redesign kitchens, move bathrooms, and or expand rooms, finish basements, and put lights and outlets just where you want them... the options are limitless!

    When the CUSTOM-i-ZING is complete, a process is in place that brings your home to an on-time completion with the features we have helped you select.

    Our sales representatives are company employees and are very familiar with our building processes and can give general price guidance on most options in real-time. They are also able to suggest changes and additions that have proven popular with many customers in the past and that works well to enhance the floor plan you have chosen. We can also help you identify those features that you may not have considered that will improve your living experience for many years to come.

    One of the reasons Kay Builders was able to grow through the past housing recession is because they are one of the only truly CUSTOM-i-ZABLE homebuilders that remain in operation today. “Some builders will say their homes are customized but that is within a template from a standard options list,” says Rick Koze, president of Kay Builders. “Our floorplans are just a framework to get started and we will make significant customized changes to your home."

    Our knowledgeable in-house sales staff and in-house architecture team can help a customer select the features they desire. What is unique is that our process allows us to deliver these changes very cost-effectively and quickly. These are features and capabilities at a price point no one else can match. 

    Scott Schwartz, a native of the Lehigh Valley considered building his own custom home for some time. Instead, the single engineer visited Kay Builders’ Laurel Field in Upper Macungie and liked the model offerings.

    “When I found out I could customize this house, I decided to buy here. My girlfriend and I like to travel so I wanted something low maintenance,” says the 27-year-old of his townhome. The builder added a bank of windows on the back of Schwartz’s two-story great room so he could enjoy his “beautiful, private view.” Schwartz also wanted a two-sided fireplace between the kitchen and living room. He was able to pick out his own stone and hearth. “I didn’t have to wait any longer with these upgrades,” says the engineer.

    Crystal Koronian decided to swap rooms in her Laurel Field townhome. She shopped around for a new home in the area and found Kay Builders to be the most flexible.

    “The upgrades with other builders are basics here,” she says. Now in her townhome for a year, she loves the custom features of the house she shares with her parents. “We picked a floor plan and once the walls were up I told them I wanted to move the kitchen to another location,” says Koronian, who moved here from New York. “I preferred having the kitchen isolated and not off of the living room. So we moved it into the dining room; I now have a bigger kitchen and at no extra expense other than moving a gas line. Our living room and dining room now open up to each other and I like it that way.”

    Get creative and customize your dream home just the way you want it!

    According to owner Rick Koze, “Every homeowner is different, shouldn’t your home reflect that difference?”

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