• We have a lovely home thanks to the tremendous teamwork of Shannon, Leah, and Jimmy.  The ability to easily add our customizations to an existing model was such a game changer in the process. Thanks to the whole team who worked on our house!

    Mowrer Family

  • New construction can be daunting, especially if you're looking for a customizable home like we were. With Kay, not only did we get flexibility, but we also got great support from our Sale Manager Pam, and their sales department who were very patient walking us through the process. We were able to design a home unique to us and our style, based on one of their popular floor plans, by selecting from their extensive option lists as well as some special requests. And their construction team built everything to our spec with a special thanks to Galen for seeing the build through to completion. After talking with friends and relatives with newer homes from other builders, we can confidently say Kay prices their options very reasonably. We're thrilled with our new customized Kay home and look forward to many years enjoying it. 

    Bartley Family | The Fields at RiverHill

  • Kay Builders is very accommodating and took the time to work with me. They provide affordable, luxury homes that are in great locations. Kay Builders went above and beyond all measures to assure that the closing process was easy and explained in detail.

    Williams Family | The Fields at RiverHill

  • Kay Builders does incredible work to allow you the freedom to really customize your home. I was able to make significant changes to the existing floor plan to allow me the dream home I wanted to build. All of the people I have worked with from the designers, to foreman of the build, to Kay Builders' representative at The Fields at RiverHill, Pam, were outstanding. 

    Eisinger Family | The Fields at RiverHill

  • The closing on our new home at The Fields at Indian Creek went very smoothly.... We absolutely love our new Vista II home and are feverishly unpacking so we can get out and start meeting our neighbors and enjoying our new community. Everyone we've met so far has been super-friendly.

    [We were also] pleased with Traditional Mortgage.... It made sense to [use] a firm that had a close working relationship with [Kay Builders]. Frank McGuckin, the Traditional Branch Manager, stayed in close touch with us throughout the process. Jamie Vasko, his mortgage Loan Officer diligently collected all of our important financial records and always responded by email quickly.... Several times when I sent her documents in the evening, she replied immediately. In a few short weeks, we had approval for our loan..... Because of Amy's (of Traditional Abstract) superlative communication skills, we were always aware of forms that needed to be submitted, appraisals that were scheduled, and the like. We were totally relaxed throughout the entire process.

    Bradley Family | The Fields at Indian Creek

  • My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Leah from the Design Center. She proved to be extremely knowledgeable and made the overwhelming process smooth and seamless. Leah's expertise and guidance were invaluable, and what was most impressive was her ability to be helpful without being intrusive or overbearing. Throughout our interactions, it was evident that Leah genuinely had our best interests, as buyers, in mind. We are grateful for her support and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of design services.

    Emden Family | The Fields at RiverHill

  • Working with Leah in the Design Studio was a wonderful experience. The time she took and the support she gave while we picked all our finishes for the new house was greatly appreciated. It can be overwhelming to make all those choices around a new home but she made it feel easy and fun.

    Pechulis Family | The Fields at Brookside

  • Thank you Tara, you have been an absolute delight to work with and we couldn't be happier with everything. We are looking forward to our new house, but I must tell you that you made the process fun, enjoyable, and exciting! Thanks again!

    Future Homeowners | The Fields at Brookside

  • After my wife and I made the life-changing decision to move closer to our children and their families, we fell in love with The Fields at Indian Creek in Emmaus PA. The entire process has been handled in a highly professional manner with meticulous attention to detail. The sales staff (Sandy and Karen); our design studio coordinator (Leah); an our site supervisor (Jeremiah) have been great to work with. We can't wait to move into our new home in August!

    Bradley Family | The Fields at Indian Creek

  • We worked with Leah in the Kay Builders Design Studio. Believe it or not, designing a new home not yet constructed, can be stressful. Leah made our experience enjoyable and she was very pleasant and professional throughout the process. She took time to understand the style we liked and the look we were going for. She was very knowledgeable about Kay Builders options and pricing, and was the helpful hand providing guidance through the decision-making process. She didn't rush the decisions and was often willing to go back and re-evaluate choices we made to make sure that we were comfortable with the cohesive look of our new home. I am extremely impressed with Leah's knowledge and extremely grateful for her guidance throughout this process. She was a dream to work with as we planned and designed what we expect will be our dream home. Thank you Leah. 

    Sarubin Family | The Fields at Indian Creek

  • We would like to share our experience with Kay Builders. We had a great time working with them. Being able to see the entire process from looking at the land that our house would be built on, to walking around our finished house was amazing. Sales Manager Joe Lorah was able to answer any of our questions quickly and professionally. We are also very grateful to the Design Studio, and to the Site Manager. 

    Osipov Family | The Fields at Constitution Square

  • I can't say enough about my experience with Kay Builders! Virginia in sales was beyond kind, supportive, and accommodating. I went to the site on multiple occasions to look during the buying process and she made sure I felt right at home. She and Tara went above and beyond to ensure I got into the perfect home quickly. Justin did my walk-through and made sure the home was ready for us - he addressed even the smallest questions swiftly. Overall, the home has brought me immense joy. It is the perfect size, very functional and located in a great school district / area. Thank you to the entire team! 

    Pollard Family | The Fields at Jasper Ridge

  • Pam and Tara were great and I felt supported throughout the entire building process. Leah was also great in the design center. I am very happy with my new home. 

    Goffredo Family | The Fields at RiverHill

  • Kay Builders built the home of our dreams. They kept us informed of all the phases of development in a timely manner. We love it and all of our neighbors. Big shout out to Pam Rowe and Tara Anderson for all their help and guidance. And the top notch construction team. Thank you.

    Follweiler Family | The Fields at RiverHill

  • We purchased our home as a quick delivery, so the house was already built and ready to sell when we found the listing. Pam and Tara in the sales office were great to work with, and answered all of our questions promptly and thoroughly. The location of this development is ideal, the neighbors are so friendly, and the finishes inside the home are exactly what we would have chosen had we designed it ourselves. So happy to be part of this community!

    Connie | The Fields at RiverHill

  • I have been a resident of the new Constitution Square community by Kay Builders since September 2022. My experience started in June 2021 with my initial call to Joe L. for information about the planned community and the process. He was a fantastic combination of friendly, professional, and knowledgable. I felt invited and welcomed every step throughout the process and was particularly impressed with emails and phone calls with my questions being directly answered in a timely manner. As a first time home buyer, I consider myself blessed to have had the Kay Builders team educate me and share my excitement literally watching my home be constructed. The best part of my experience would be that I have never felt like just a customer "number". I was always, and continue to fell that I was important to the team. Now that I have been a resident for a few months, I still feel that way. This entire process, start to finish, has been outstanding. I love the home I now have for my family. It is very easy for me to give my highest possible recommendation to Joe L. and the entire Kay Builders team. 

    Cordano Family | The Fields at Constitution Square

  • Kay Builders provided us with a quality home at a fair market price during a strong seller's market. We opted for a "quick delivery" home and the construction was completed on schedule, at the advertised cost, and with good quality..... The sales, construction, and warranty departments all have been very professional and hard working to meet our expectations. The Fields at Constitution Square is a great townhome community with easy access to several businesses, restaurants, and parks, and within reasonable walking distance of downtown Perkasie. The surrounding Bucks County area is absolutely beautiful and this is a great place to live!

    Roscoe Family | The Fields at Constitution Square

  • As a first timer buying a "brand new" home, Kay Builders was side by side with us. As any new homeowner, there are things along the way - questions, concerns, and requests. We have had a positive and rewarding experience on all fronts. We love our new home, love our new community, are making new friends and feel welcome here.

    Simeone Family | The Fields at Indian Creek

  • Amazing work and wonderful people to work with! Jimmy was very attentive of every question or concern! Very pleased with the work and help. 

    Ortiz Family | The Fields at Blue Barn Meadows

  • We are amazed on how Kay Builders helped us build our new home. We can't wait to move! Starting with Patricia, Amanda, Jeremiah, and all the other people working behind the scene. It has been so easy with their help to get what we wanted. We visited other places before we decided on Kay Builders. They are the best.... thanks Kay!

    Perez Family | The Fields at Willow Brook

  • Very happy with our new townhouse. From the beginning of the purchasing process to closing, every person we dealt with has been helpful and professional. From sales to interior design, to onsite supervisors communication throughout the process was excellent. The overall quality and workmanship of construction is great. As with any new building during walkthrough some issues were discovered. However, they were minor and addressed immediately by the site supervisor. The true test when purchasing a newly constructed home is would we do it again with the same builder? We would. 

    Highfill Family | The Fields at Constitution Square

  • We've been so pleased with every member of the Kay Builders team! ... Pam has been nothing but professional and a breath of fresh air. She even gets back to us at odd hours when she's "off the clock."
    Kay has helped us add things to the house for our family's safety that we would've never known we needed (ex. passive radon pipe). They never pressured us to spend more than we were comfortable with and gave us sound advice whenever we were on the fence about something. We made a lot of changes to our house before the final product and they were extremely patient with us through it all. They truly look out for your best interest based on your family's needs and genuinely share in your excitement about your decisions. We worked with Pam and Leah the most, and both of them would even respond to us on their days off or later at night. We were never left hanging with any questions and if they didn't know an answer, they would find one for us in a timely manner. 

    George Family | The Fields at RiverHill

  • My husband and I are building in Willow Brook and just wanted to pass along how amazing Leah was throughout our experience at the Design Center. We had such a wonderful experience, and she was SO helpful. Every concern was addressed in a timely manner and we really felt confident with the help she was giving us.

    Sam S. | The Fields at Willow Brook

  • I have no problem telling anyone here that it's been a pleasure working with the Warranty Team... Jodi, Mickey, Adam, David, and now Charlie. I wanted to pass on that Charlie gets an A+ for his beautiful spackling work and keeps things clean, which we appreciate. Everyone communicates and does their best from where I sit. Thanks again. 

    John D. | The Fields at Indian Creek

  • Joe Lorah is a genuine person that gives you a lot of information to make an informed decision.  He took the time to get to know our needs and made suggestions that exceeded our expectations.  

    Junior R. | The Fields at Creekview

  • I would just like to let you know about the amazing experience I had with the ladies at the Design Center. They all were an absolute pleasure to work with and made the experience absolutely amazing!

    They were very knowledgeable and were able to answer my questions, and I had plenty! :) I can not say enough good things about the team at the Design Center!

    We are extremely excited to continue on this journey and can't wait to be able to walk through our front door, ready to make amazing memories in our new home!

    Mariana F. | The Fields at RiverHill

  • I am writing this morning about Kay Builders' Design Center employee Leah Shahin.

    Recently my fiance and I had a scheduled appointment at the design center with Leah. We had a small idea of the length and impact of choices we would be making that day. Long story short, our appointment lasted over 4 hours and if it wasn't for Leah's unconditional help, we would have been completely exhausted.

    Leah was beyond professional! Her knowledge, expertise, experience, and patience with us was second to none. Leah had a bright smile and super friendly attitude. She made us feel welcomed, relaxed, and "at home". We often referred to Leah for her professional opinion and, at times, she gave us that "ahh ha" moment when the designs came together just the way we envisioned them.

    As a customer of Kay Builders, I want to express to the management team that Leah is an asset to your company. We couldn't have asked for a better representative to help us with this serious and delicate project of designing the interior of our new home.

    Thank you for your time with this matter and we are ecstatic about our new home some time early next year!

    RH 30 | The Fields at RiverHill

  • I had such an amazing experience at the design center with Leah and Jo. Leah is extremely thoughtful and her knowledge of design is excellent. She answered all my questions and believe me, I had a long list of them. She made my daughter and I feel extremely comfortable. I didn't feel rushed and she took her time helping me make the best decision. She is truly an asset. Jo made me laugh and my daughter absolutely loved them both... I have built a home before and this is my first home by myself and I can say this has been one of the best experiences I have had. I can't stress enough the importance of kindness and both Leah and Jo are an example of that... Kudos to the both of them for making my experience pleasant. Pam has also been a gem....These wonderful ladies have been so kind. Thank you so much!

    Lisa S. | The Fields at RiverHill

  • We are moving into our new home tomorrow and I wanted to send you a quick note to congratulate your Sales Team (Sandy/Karen/Kate) and Delivery Team (Justin/BJ/etc.) on a great job preparing our new Kay Builders home in Indian Creek.

    During the planning process, Sandy/Karen/ and Kate were very helpful during the 14 Change orders. There were times I thought they wouldn't let me in the office because I was always changing the plan, but they always welcomed me with a smile and their comment "So Phil, What are you changing now." They were patient, understanding, and always had great suggestions. 

    Justin and his team (BJ and the gang) did a great job building the home. I know there are a few items that still need to be worked on, but I know that these will be resolved soon.

    Thanks again to the entire Kay Builders team for building our new retirement home. Can't wait to enjoy it.

    Phil W. | The Fields at Indian Creek

  • I currently have a home being built in Parkview Estates by Kay Builders and I have to say that to date Kay Builders has given me exceptional customer service. Linda M at the sales office is very construction knowledgeable and direct while being pleasant which gave me an initial level of comfort in dealing with a new builder. I also used Traditional Mortgage because I shopped around but found that Traditional has competitive rates and they have responded to my email questions sometimes at 10pm and even on Sunday on one occasion so they were very easy to deal with as well. I manage commercial construction and being in the business I made it a point to visit the site regularly and based on what I saw the construction standard was solid and the workmanship was A quality. I visited the house this past Saturday and found two issues that gave me cause for concern. The first was a small leak in the basement and the second was carpet installed on the foyer stairs that were supposed to be Oak treads. I advised Linda of the issues and she immediately emailed the operations manager David  F and he responded to the email while I was still there and assured me that the problems would be corrected, this was at 3pm. I left the sales office and at 4:30pm got an email with photos showing that the leak was from a unsealed pipe penetration and that there was indeed Oak treads under the carpeted stairs. These are typical and easily correctable construction mistakes but the real point here is that the Kay Builders Vice President of operations immediately addressed my concerns and either stopped by the house himself or sent someone to the house 1 hour after my complaint to pull the insulation off the basement walls to find the unsealed pipe and pulled the carpet off the stairs to discover the Oak treads underneath. This is AMAZING customer service by Kay Builders and Traditional Mortgage and to date I do not have one single complaint. I have been in commercial construction for over 40 years so I know what is reasonable and what is not and know that absolute perfection is not attainable either in workmanship or schedule but to date Kay Builders and Traditional is scoring an A+.

    Jerome C. | Parkview Estates

  • I wanted to give a little shoutout to one of your employees, Leah Shahin. We just finished with our design process today. She was extremely easy to work with and such a joy. We never felt pressured or rushed during our visits. Her personality is warming. It's a pleasure to work with someone who shows professionalism and truly cares for their clients. She went above and beyond in that area. In today's market it is hard to find and keep good employees. She is a keeper!

    Please pass along our gratitude for her services. Thank you.

    The Young Family | The Fields at Indian Creek

  • I have been in banking for 20 years and whether it was at my entry level job or in my role today, I have always understood that most products/services are commodities and that customer service is the single biggest differentiator and opportunity to influence the buying decision making process.  In this internet age with everyone running to review sites to complain about even the slightest infraction,  I felt I had to share with you a story of exceptional customer service I have experienced with your company.  In early April, we met with a competitor of yours to build a house in Nazareth PA.  We were assured that despite a slew of new company policies including a 2.5% lumber reserve, a 3% excavation reserve, and limiting signings to just 1-2 new agreements per month, we were first in line come May 1st.  So, we listed our house for sale and like everyone else these days, it sold in 5 hours.  We had somewhere to go but were very anxious to sign with our new builder, especially now that our house had moved into Review so soon.  May 1st came and we were told by your competitor that everything was fine but we’d just have to wait until May 17, when the company was due to get new pricing on just a few items, but not to expect anything dramatic.  May 17 came and went and now they started being even less transparent, suggesting the company was having a very hard time settling on pricing for certain things.  On May 18, as I was listening to the news about lumper topping $1,500, I turned to my wife and said something is rotten with this company and we need to look for another community.  I picked up the phone after finding a listing for Trio Fields and was greeted by Virginia on the second ring.  When she got on the phone, I started peppering her with the most absurd questions: “what is your lumber reserve?  Do you charge excavation fees?  Do you have any sort of limitations on how fast you can sell a house to us?  If I’m ready to sign today, will you literally take a check and lock us into something? What if lumber increases, what happens to the price of the house?”  In hindsight, I don’t know how she kept a straight face or even took my questions seriously.  She must have thought we were either insane people or fugitives from another country.  Either way, she handled the five alarm fire very smoothly and set up an appointment for the very next day.  Upon meeting Virginia, she not only had to play the role of sales agent but also had to play the role of a therapist for her two new clients suffering serious builder trauma.   A couple of hours later, she had our check for a deposit.  On our drive home after signing with Virginia, we got a phone call from your competitor. As the phone was ringing, my wife said to me “they could offer you the house for free WE ARE NOT GOING THERE!”.  Throughout the next couple of weeks, Virginia hand held us through all of the steps and at one point I remember thinking to myself, “this has all been so smooth, too smooth even, it’s definitely not real and going to fall apart”.  Then we met with Leah from the Design Studio and that’s when it became apparent that excellent service was just part of the culture at your company.   Virginia and Leah listened, actively listened, I never had to repeat myself, they understood our pain points and the key threshold for me in terms of whether service is top tier versus anything else is whether I even care about the finished product.  Now, of course I care about the house, but throughout my meetings with Virginia and Leah, I never felt like I was buying something, or worse, that someone was selling something to me.  It’s hard to appropriately describe but the only other time I had that kind of satisfaction with service so much so that I am not even interested in the financial consequence is was when I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida.  The best description I can think of is “White Glove Service”.  And finally, yesterday we met with Ed Flippin for our Pre-Construction meeting and I will say, having met many builders in my commercial lending career, customer service is not typically something you come to expect when you meet with the builder.  Once again, your team members delivered as Ed carried the mantle and made us feel like we weren’t buying anything, that we were instead getting a chance to create something so meaningful for our family.  He answered dozens of questions, sometimes the same question asked differently, all the while keeping the mood light and everyone smiling.  Truly a pleasure.  In closing, I want to commend you for creating a culture of excellence, a culture of listening, and a culture of service.  And while I am certain we are not your biggest customer with the biggest house or the most upgrades, your team made us feel like we were the most important customer you have ever had, and for that I thank you.  I thank Virginia, I thank Leah, and I thank Ed.  We can’t wait to move in!

    The Camacho Family | Trio Fields

  • Thanks for another smooth transaction with Kay Builders and Jimmy Blewitt.  You guys are the Best!

    The Wilkins Family | The Fields at Blue Barn Meadows

  • Hello, my name is John Carrig Jr., I am buying a home at the fields at riverhill and recently
    attended my design center appointment with Tereza Smith and wanted to pass along my 
    compliments.  Tereza was wonderful!  My wife and I were dreading the appointment and stressed about figuring out all the options, but Tereza was wonderful!  She was very patient and knowledgeable.  She went through everything with us and really took the time to bring what we wanted to life.  She was very practical and thought of everything; many things we never considered.  At the end of the appointment (lasted 3 hrs. 40 minutes) we were thrilled. The time flew by and turned out to be so much fun. I really appreciate Tereza's diligence and caring for getting us the best house we can.  Jo was also wonderful.  The process has been so stressful up to this point and we were so grateful for Tereza.  

    Thanks again. 

    The Carrig Family | The Fields at RiverHill

  • From the bottom of our extremely tired but supremely grateful hearts we thank you for the time and energy everyone put into getting us into this home. We know that not only is this a challenge during normal circumstances but that everyone went above and beyond to make it even more important that everything align accordingly. We are still pinching ourselves and smiling as we walk through each room. It is perfection. 

    Thank You!

    The Youravich Family | The Fields at RiverHill

  • I am very pleased with the service that was received from Kay Builders. They explained everything to us in away that made it easy for us to understand.

    The Hamed/Phanzu Family | Trio Fields

  • We cannot say enough positive things about our experience in purchasing our new home with Kay Builders. Linda worked with us from the very beginning of this adventure and has helped throughout the entire process. From initial contract, change orders and many site visits, Linda has always been there to help. Always cheerful and encouraging, our many thanks to Linda and the whole Kay Builders Team

    The Church Family | Trio Fields

  • Linda was always there when needed and always took the time for walks and to choose colors. The sellers were respectful and did not rush me through the process. I will recommend Linda to anyone looking for a new home in the future.

    The Happel Family | Trio Fields

  • Words cannot describe the experience we had with Linda. She was (is) wonderful Sales Manager. Never skipped a beat with any concerns and questions we had. Linda is very personable and very knowledgeable. We could not have asked for a better manager. Larry and I would recommend Linda to all friends and family. The comfort level Linda provided us put us at ease - a phenomenal manager and woman she is! Exceptional.

    The Hunter/Clanton Family | Trio Fields

  • I am pleased to share my home buying experience as a resident in a Kay Builders community. My wife and I immediately had a very positive first meeting with Linda, Kay Builders sales representative, whereby to this day we still enjoy talking to her as a valued friend. As this was the first new home we had ever built, Linda was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and very responsive to our many questions. Our home was delivered on time as originally projected, and the very minor corrections that were needed where handled swiftly by construction manager, Ed. We have been living in our community for a little over a year, our neighbors are wonderful, a great group of people we are looking forward to getting to know even more. We are a very satisfied Kay Builder customer, which this satisfaction has lasted the test of time so to speak not to mention the appreciated value of a Kay built home. Those considering a new home should consider seriously talking with Linda from Kay Builders.

    The Morrissey Family | Trio Fields

  • Very friendly from the beginning to the end. I would recommend to all of my friends. Thank you!

    The Albarracin Family | Trio Fields

  • I want to thank everyone from Kay Builders in a complete and seamless transaction. I as well as my family is very thankful for the beautiful home that is now owned by myself and Emily. We will be able to let our kids grown and prosper for so many years to come. There is a large list but surely not all the people I want to thank.

    Sandy (Sales Manager) - Thanks for being kind and considerate in this entire process. It takes a certain person to do what you do and you were a professional through the process and delivered what you promised. You will always be a part of our family for this and thank you very much.

    Chris (Site Supervisor) - I can't thank Chris enough in the process. Chris not only cared about us and doing things the right way in building the home, he accommodated us when we needed to ask him questions. He was always responsive to anything I asked him and he really cares about the homes he builds, as if he was building his own.

    *I have purchased TWO homes from Kay builders now and I can fully say this was the best transaction and Kay absolutely has grown and learned from where they were at before when I bought my old home. Kay continues to put the RIGHT people in the RIGHT positions and this makes life as a potential homeowner much more comforting.

    The Fluck/Finke Family | Trexler Field

  • My favorite part of building with Kay Builders was the selection process and deciding the colors and options for my home with Linda! I was absolutely amazed at the quality of workmanship that was done inside and the design/colors that were selected for the exterior. The entire development at Trio Fields is beautiful. I have heard from outsiders driving through who thought the community was beautifully done. I am looking forward to meeting my new neighbors!

    The Frantz Family | Trio Fields

  • I have lived in the Kay development for over three years now. What impresses me most about my home is the quality of the build. It is quite solid! Like any new home you buy, there were a few small issues however, Kay's customer services was A+ and on top of things to quickly get them resolved. I am actually in the process now of purchasing another new home in the Kay development! I would highly recommend Kay Builders for your new home.

    The Lee Family | Laurel Fields

  • We were very satisfied & excited when we moved into our new home a year later and we could not be happier. Everything is great and would do it all over again with Kay Builders, Inc.

    The Chandler Family | Trio Fields

  • We love our Kay Builders home Linda M. the sales agent and Dave F. the construction manager built a great place for us. Everyone is so nice and the house is a wonderful place to live. Linda helped us with design and with closing. She was great! Elmer has worked to fix the few small things that were wrong after the first year tune up!

    The Kleist Family | Trio Fields

  • My wife and I have worked with Kay Builders on three different homes and we love the one we are in now. I would tell everyone that Sandy is great in sales, go over with her all paperwork, learn your contract, and learn your warranty. If you keep on top of things, Kay will work with you. Kay Builders is always trying to get better in all areas of their business including customer service.

    The Dutcher Family | Trexler Field

  • Began construction in October 2013. During construction, I was living in the Netherlands. Kay Builders and Linda Minnick made this a very easy process. When I saw my completed home in June '14, I was very impressed and pleased with the final product. Kay Builders were easy to work with before, during and after settlement.

    The Bergstrom Family | Trio Fields

  • The whole experience was great, especially Linda! We love the fact that we could customize everything and that the price was very reasonable. After one year, we could not be any happier with our home. Construction was wonderful and Dave was great. Delivery was right on time. Couldn't ask for better!

    The Huziar Family | Trio Fields

  • Our experience have been nothing short of amazing. Through our 9 month process, we have had all the support and understanding you could possibly imagine. Sandy and her team are awesome - from their personalities - to their complete understanding of what a homeowner wants and needs! Truly an amazing experience!

    The Gibbs Family | Trexler Field

  • Elmer was at my home today fixing and adjusting various things and I am so very pleased. His skilled work along with his professional demeanor make him a wonderful asset to Kay Builders.

    As he was leaving here today I told him that Kay Builders is truly blessed to have someone like him working for them. And I said I wanted to write to you to let you know that people like him give comfort to a new homeowner because of his expertise in fixing problems.

    Elmer, I believe, is one of the key people that Kay Builders has that gives new homeowners true satisfaction. It's a great feeling knowing that what needs to be fixed during the first year will be done correctly and professionally. My husband and I are extremely pleased with the thorough and professional way in which Elmer does his job and goes out of his way to make things right.

    We are praying that Elmer will be recognized in a big way for his excellent skills and for the calm and friendly manner in which he helps people to enjoy their new home.

    The Eisenhart Family | Trexler Field

  • I had a great experience working with Linda for this property. She kept me informed at all steps during this process. Was very pro-active. Overall excellent work!

    The Ali Family | Trio Fields

  • Sandy and Chris were a complete pleasure to work with. We are very pleased with the outcome of our house.

    The Adams Family | Trexler Field

  • From start to finish, Linda was very helpful and friendly. I love my new home. The walk through was easy and there were very minor items that needed fixing. The house is very well built

    The DiStefano Family | Trio Fields

  • Linda Minnich was an excellent sales rep for Kay Builders. She was courteous, polite and took extra care in showing the properties, answering questions and responded always promptly. She was a pleasure to work with.

    The Radosavich Family | Trio Fields

  • I met Jim first time in a Gym clothes after his normal office hours in one of the houses in the Laurel Field area. The reason he showed-up in the Gym clothes is because I called Kay Builders customer service phone number telling her that I am at the house in late evening without knowing that he already made arrangement with my agent to show the house. He is so dedicated, professional, and very prompt and much different, in a good way, from the previous sales agent that I dealt with when I purchased the houses from Kay Builders earlier. After walk through before closing, we found some issues in the hard wood floor and he made sure it was completed to our satisfaction working closely with the site manager. I enjoyed working with him throughout the process. Keep up the good work Jim!!

    The Thiyagarajan Family | Laurel Field

  • Linda Minnich was a great asset in the purchase and continued interest in building with Kay Builders. Her knowledge is exceptional and her patience outstanding. She is an important asset to Kay Builders and encouraging potential buyers.

    The Lier Family | Trio Fields

  • Thank you to everyone at Kay Builders for the construction of our beautiful new home and the personal attention we received along the way.

    Kay's website and handouts provide very organized information, and there were several terrific house designs that appealed to us to get things started. Linda Minnich, Amanda, and several assistants in the Trio development were very helpful and responsive to our questions, and helped provide direction for upcoming tasks in order to keep things on schedule.

    The White Family | Trio Fields

  • I wanted to thank you for handling our repairs. The contractors who did the work did a great job. So far our experience with Kay Builders has been very pleasant. It's so nice to know that there are still companies out there like Kay Builders who care about their customers and stand behind their reputation for quality.
    Thank You!

    The Giannosa Family | The Fields at Lockridge

  • Dealing with Linda was a pleasure. She is efficient friendly and professional. We are very pleased with our home. We love our new home and are happy with our purchase. The townhouse provide a great option for individuals wishing to downsize from larger homes.

    The Nocerino Family | Trio Fields

  • Dave was helpful, knowledgeable and was up to all the challenges. A trust asset to the company. The final result was great. A lot of effort was made to satisfy us. We attribute that to Dave.

    The Kern Family | The Fields at Indian Creek

  • The Fields at Blue Barn Meadows
    Your team is currently building a town house for my wife and I at "The Fields at Blue Barn Meadows." I am writing to let you know that we are very pleased with how things are going so far.

    Jim Blewitt represented your company very professionally with guiding us with the selection of our house as well as all the preparations leading up to construction. We are also very pleased and happy with the quality of the construction and workmanship. The entire crew has been great. In particular...I want to compliment Tom, Herbert and Tomas on the quality of their workmanship and also on their work ethic!

    The Kistler Family | The Fields at Blue Barn Meadows

  • Fran was an absolute sweet person. She made my home buying experience a memorable and pleasant one. She helped answer all of my questions, worries, concerns and doubts. I will recommend Kay to my friends.

    The Mall Family | Trexler Field

  • My favorite part of the building process was the choices I had to make decorating and the options to choose from. I enjoyed my time with Linda in making the selections. I was absolutely amazed at the quality of workmanship that was done inside and the design/colors selected exterior. The entire development at Trio Fields is beautiful. I have heard from others driving through who thought it was beautifully done. I'm looking forward to meeting my new neighbors.

    The Frantz Family | Trio Fields

  • Sandy and Barbara were great throughout the process to make everything go smoothly. We had some bumps in the road but Sandy helped to work them out. Our experience with Kay Builders wasn't stressful.

    The Stettner Family | The Fields at Indian Creek

  • I would just like to take a few minutes to let Kay Builders know how much of an asset I think Deb Squires is to your staff. I have worked with Deb before with another builder and she is the reason why my Husband and I decided to build again with Kay Builders when we found out that she was one of your sales people.

    Deb is always willing to answer any questions and goes out of her way to assure you that your new home will be amazing. Whenever I call or email her with questions no matter how small or big they are, she always answers them, Either she knows the answer or she will find out the answer for us, and it is always a prompt response time.

    I just want Kay Builders to know that Deb is one in a million and I would work with no one else but her. I thank Deb for making this whole process as painless as possible. We appreciate all that she has done for us and are really looking forward to moving into our new home.

    The May Family | Scenic View

  • My husband and I can't say enough nice things about our Sales Manager Frankie and Kay Builders. We are truly grateful and are eager to move forward with the building of our new home. Thank you for making this process painless and for having the patience in answering all our questions. I'm sure we'll have plenty more but feel confident that you'll always guide us. We anticipate the day when we are able to move into our new home. Saying thank you is not enough! A million thanks to Kay Builders.

    The Gonzalez Family | The Fields at Jasper Ridge

  • My experience with Kay Builders was exceptional due to Frankie's outstanding services. She went above and beyond with diligent work ethic, she is so passionate and go out of her way to make you happy. I am so grateful and thankful to Frankie, no matter the time of the day, she is always willing to help. What an outstanding employee. She Is a huge asset to your company. I will like to highlight to another employee Trevor (Loan Officer). He was very patient and understanding throughout. He takes his time to explaining any questions or concerns. Response to my call anytime. Thanks so much guys! I love my house!!!

    Toyin Ogundokun | The Fields at Jasper Ridge

  • I would recommend Kay Builders to anyone interested in buying a new construction home. Frankie Johnson, the Community Sales Manager did an awesome job assisting in all aspects of the process; she was very knowledgeable and professional and helped to make the process less stressful but instead very enjoyable. Also everyone else involved did a wonderful job and I love my new home!

    Gwendolyn Rich | The Fields at Jasper Ridge

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