Building Process

Building Your New Home


Building Permit

After the contract is signed we will apply for a building permit. The permit process can take 30 days so building will not begin until that point. Depending on scheduling, construction on your home may begin as soon as permits are received, but usually construction begins within 60 days of contract signing. Your home will take approximately 5 months to construct once construction is actually begun. This time frame will vary depending on the complexity of your home and weather conditions. We want to take the time necessary to make sure you receive the high quality home that Kay Builders is noted for.



    Your home will first be staked out. This means the boundaries of your home will be set up for excavation. Several days later, the foundation hole will be dug and the footers and foundation poured. This usually takes about a week weather permitting.



      The home is then framed which can take one to two weeks depending on weather and complexity and size of the home. Because our homes are hand framed and we have many models that have complex roof lines, this process requires special attention and time to perfect.


        Roofing & Siding

        Roofing and siding and masonry are then applied to the home. Masonry is sometimes applied later after drywall. Then comes the installation of the rough plumbing, rough wiring and rough HVAC systems. Each step of this process must be inspected by township employees. The rough out can take two to three weeks.


          Framing Walk through

          At this point before drywall and insulation are installed, the job supervisor and sales agent will schedule a walk through with you so you can review the construction and make sure it matches your plan. We generally limit access to the property during the construction process since there are many safety hazards and liability issues associated with walking the property unsupervised.


            The 'Ugly Duckling' Stage

            Insulation and drywall come next and this process usually takes about a week. This is followed by trim and railing installation, painting, hardwood and tile installation and the kitchen installation. After these steps, your home will be out of what we call the “ugly duckling” stage and will begin to look more like a finished product. We are then on to the home stretch.


              Essentials Instillations

              We then complete the final electrical and light installation, final HVAC and plumbing. Countertops are installed and then carpet.


                The Finishing Touches

                The exterior of the home may be getting completed during this time depending on weather and scheduling. Your driveway, service walks, public walks and grading and seeding are then completed. Please note that seeding, grading and driveway installation do not occur during winter months and these items may have to be completed after closing when the weather warms up. Final cleaning, closing and issuance of the certificate of occupancy are the last steps before you can move into your home.

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