Buying New vs. Renting: Kay Builders Has the Answers

Buying New vs. Renting: Kay Builders Has the Answers

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July 28, 2022

With over 60 years of experience in building phenomenal communities and remarkable homes across the Lehigh Valley and Bucks County—Kay Builders understands that buying new can sometimes sound intimidating to those seeking out a home. Although rental properties may appear as the better deal on the surface level, the advantages of new homebuying heavily outweigh any other options in the industry. To guide your decision in buying new, we’ve compiled an expert list of top reasons why buying a new home, especially from Kay Builders, is the best option. 

Make it your own

One of the best parts about buying new with Kay Builders is the ability to personalize the look, style, feel and flow of your home to make your vision effortlessly come to life. Our team understands the importance of the creative process in achieving your dream home, and our amazing floor plans with CUSTOM-i-ZABLE features provide dozens of design options that allow our buyers to have nearly endless possibilities when it comes to making their home uniquely theirs. Rental properties often impose restrictions on personalizations, and oftentimes, you can’t even paint a wall or hang decor without consequences. 

With a carefully-crafted new home from Kay Builders, we provide the perfect blank slate for you to start your dream home, and the creativity is in your hands from that point on. Our homeowners enjoy the infinite possibilities and benefits of owning their own Kay home that can’t be found in any rental property—including the vast amount of yard space, phenomenal interiors and sizable layouts for you and your family to live, grow and thrive in for years to come. 

A smart investment

It’s no secret that rent prices have drastically increased in the last few months throughout the entire nation—especially in the Lehigh Valley, where rent prices have nearly tripled in some areas. The majority of the population can’t afford an unreasonably expensive monthly rental, and many believe the common misconception that buying a new home is unattainable or unrealistic. The truth is—buying a new home with Kay Builders is far from either one of those things, and we make it our mission to make buying a new home a seamless, easy process with a reasonable price tag. While rent goes up with inflation, the payments on a fixed rate mortgage stay the same for the lifetime of the loan—which means once you’re locked into your payment, you don’t have to worry about your monthly costs increasing. When you choose to buy a spacious, top-quality new home with Kay Builders, your monthly payment could be as low as $1,562*—giving you the financial freedom to enjoy the luxuries of life while maintaining the utmost peace of mind knowing your rate won’t fluctuate. 

Additionally, when you choose to buy a new home rather than rent, you’re investing in your future by increasing your financial stability—specifically in the categories of building wealth and equity, as well as better tax benefits and an overall thoughtful decision for your financial future. At Kay Builders, we know that financing a new home can be an intimidating concept—but with our established financing company, Traditional Mortgage, we can easily help find the best financing options right for you. Eliminate the high risk of increased rent payments and the financial limitations of renting by choosing to buy a new home from Kay Builders—which is an extremely beneficial decision in both the present and future.

A strong sense of community

At Kay Builders, the communities in which we build our high-quality new homes all have a substantial amenity package in an optimized location that you can’t get with the majority of rental properties. From the open green spaces and the resort-style pools to the private clubhouses and neighborly atmosphere—there are an array of amazing amenities to enjoy when you own one of our stunning homes in any of our outstanding communities. When you choose to buy a new home with Kay Builders, you’re guaranteed a strong sense of belonging and a friendly environment throughout all of our neighborhoods—which is something that can’t be promised with the impermanence of renting. 

You can also help yourself save money, time and energy in the long run by buying new with Kay Builders. Our homes feature top-tier appliances, materials and fantastic overall components to ensure you’ll never have to lift a finger for any repairs or updates. Buying new means you’re the first to park in the garage, to step foot on the floors, and to cook in the kitchen. The new appliances and advanced systems allow for a significant amount of energy efficiency compared to older rental properties, and our forward-thinking practices guarantee 24/7 convenience and durability. Plus, your protection is guaranteed with our new home warranty for your peace of mind. All you have to do is love the home you’re in, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Buy from the best

Buying new is more significant now than ever before, and Kay Builders is ready to help you start your journey today. With extensive experience in building astounding new homes throughout the Lehigh Valley and Bucks County, we’ll be there with you every step of the way to guide you through the entire buying process—and we’re deeply committed to helping you find the perfect new home that is guaranteed to exceed all of your expectations. With the limitless advantages of buying new—from the financial investments to the customizability to the community atmosphere—we can’t wait to help you achieve your dream home that is uniquely yours. If you’re ready to explore your options for buying a new home, be sure to take a look through our highly sought-after communities and our convenient quick delivery homes—and don’t hesitate to give us a call at (484) 353-6100 or fill out our online form today for any additional information about buying new with Kay Builders.

*Monthly payment of $1,562 is based on a purchase price of $380,000 with 20% down payment on a 30 year conventional loan at 4.625% interest rate. Payment is principal and interest only. See Sales Manager for more details.

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