Property Expertise & Financial Stability

The Best Land At The best Prices

Because of our reputation in the Lehigh County area, we are able to work closely with landholders to develop property in the best locations at reasonable prices.

Our in-house site development company also provides savings on utility installations that are passed on to our customers. We currently own many years of fully approved land inventory and are well-positioned for the future.

    Best Locations for Our Communities

    Lehigh Valley Area

    Through long-term knowledge of the area and familiarity with past growth patterns, Kay Builders is able to anticipate future local trends. We specialize in acquiring excellently located, scenic land with convenient amenities in some of the region’s most sought-after school districts. Historically, homes in locations chosen by Kay Builders have exceeded average appreciation values. With a vision for the land’s potential and in-depth knowledge of both engineering and landscaping possibilities, Kay Builders creates aesthetically pleasing and uniquely desirable communities in the Lehigh Valley. We achieve these results cost-effectively through our in-house site development company.

      Incorporating Natural Surroundings

      Our long history of taking raw land through the approval process gives us the experience to pinpoint land that is best suited for development. We have the vision to know what the completed community will look like and we guide our engineers through every step of the way to develop the land for aesthetic appeal. Operating as a site developer, we also know how to design the improvements, roads, and utilities more efficiently to minimize cost which means savings to you.

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