Taking a Closer Look at the Kay Process With Our Design & Drafting Team

Taking a Closer Look at the Kay Process With Our Design & Drafting Team

A group image of Kay Builders' design and drafting team, along with a stock image of a floor plan being designed and a Kay Builders rendering.

July 18, 2022

At Kay Builders, we carefully curate each of our astounding homes in our widely-recognized communities throughout the Lehigh Valley and Bucks County—and our commitment to excellence truly wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated Design & Drafting team. Their forward-thinking designs represent the forefront of our exceptional process, and without them, our home designs wouldn’t exude the high quality and extensive craft that they are known for today. 

Whether they’re finding the perfect combination of measurements and features in a floor plan or sorting out plot plans and building materials, the Design & Drafting department is undoubtedly an essential part of our hardworking team here at Kay Builders—and they're constantly striving toward groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind ideas and methods in everything they design. Continue reading to find out more about the Design & Drafting team here at Kay Builders and their critical influence on our entire process. 

The brilliance behind the craft

The foundation of any successful building project is its plans. Plans are created through two key processes that work together to turn a project’s vision into a reality—drafting and design. Design is the starting point of a project’s plans, and it provides an overall representation of what the finished product should look like. Designs can be a basic outline of the project, such as our carefully-crafted floor plans and renderings, whereas drafting is when the designs become more technical and specific. Using the design, our team draws up blueprints and other materials that align with everything a specific homeowner is looking for in their dream home—which is where our CUSTOM-i-ZATION process comes into play.  

Our revolutionary floor plans—which represent the design aspect—are merely a framework to get our homeowners started in their journey to their dream home. Through our signature CUSTOM-i-ZABLE homes, customers have the freedom to move walls, rearrange traffic flows, fully redesign kitchens, move bathrooms, expand rooms and finish basements—the options are truly limitless when it comes to creating the home you’ve always envisioned, which represents the drafting aspect of our process. To gain a better understanding of the true genius and collaboration behind this team, we’ve spoken with our VP of Design & Drafting, Shannon Cawley. 

“The process starts with working out details of customization, along with pricing for our customers and salespeople. When contacts are finalized, we incorporate everything that has been agreed upon into a set of house plans that makes each home Kay builds unique. There are literally no two Kay homes that are alike,” Shannon explained. “Design & Drafting also includes our purchasing staff, and this team has many, many years of experience. We’re all seasoned professionals that work together efficiently. We all have experience in custom and tract design/building, so it’s no wonder how we all ended up at Kay Builders—where we uniquely blend custom and production building.”

Once our customers have found the perfect floor plan that is flexible and structured to meet all of their needs, the drawings and other details are turned over to our Design & Drafting team to create a detailed rendering of the project. This includes the layout, utility placement, exact dimensions and a materials list—and our customers can rest assured knowing that our experienced team won’t stop until they’re fully satisfied with their home design. 

“We look at our designs as a solid starting place for our buyers and then help them make the design uniquely theirs. It might be simple changes, but we also handle complex changes. Sometimes, we look at the end result and find it hard to believe we started with one of our base plans,” Shannon said. 

Our Design & Drafting team and their unconditional dedication to quality, mastery and innovation in all of their designs represent everything Kay Builders stands for as a company—and we wouldn’t be able to deliver such incredible, distinctive homes without their creativity and commitment. 

A strong dedication to excellence

Above all, our Design & Drafting team is here to ensure that your home is truly all yours, down to every detail. While our design studio will help you pick out final touches and finishes, the Design & Drafting team can guarantee that your home will look, feel, flow and function exactly the way it should—and they’re sure to exceed your expectations in all aspects, including the overall appearance and style of your home. 

“Over the years, we’ve seen trends in color, texture, and style—and they seem to cycle back around given enough time. We try to keep things fresh by using newly-available materials, but also make recommendations through design that will remain timeless and always in-style. There’s been a trend for façade materials to be more maintenance-free, and the variety of colors and styles are always changing for the better. Materials that went out of style because of both appearance and required maintenance are now available in refinished colored vinyl or cement boards that are practically maintenance-free,” Shannon said.

The entire team is determined to stay up-to-date on the latest design materials and trends, and they make it their mission to constantly advance and further the capabilities of what the Design & Drafting department can offer to our customers. Kay Builders is truly your one-stop shop for creating the home of your dreams with the latest trends in design and technology, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without this team. 

“With the experience our department has to offer, there’s generally nothing we won’t entertain or put a price on. Our team represents the “I” in CUSTOM-i-ZATION, and we always embrace and enjoy the challenge, as it keeps our days exciting and new—and the proof is in the homes and communities that Kay has completed,” Shannon explained. “Each home looks great and is unique in its own way. We especially enjoy the smiles we see on our satisfied customers after they’ve seen their new home—and that evidence of a job well done and a happy homeowner is what it’s all about.”

From concept drawings and renderings to material selections and closing days, our Design & Draft team plays a huge role in Kay Builders’ ability to produce such high-quality, outstanding homes in fantastic communities—and their strong dedication to excellence never goes unnoticed by anyone. If you’re wanting to see the hard work and dedication from our Design & Drafting Team firsthand or to find out more about what Kay Builders has to offer, be sure to take a look through our highly sought-after communities and their phenomenal floor plans, as well as our amazing quick delivery homes—and don’t hesitate to give us a call at 484-353-6100 or fill out our online form today for any additional information.  

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