Kay Builders' Supply Donation Drive: A Heartfelt Contribution to Family Promise of Lehigh Valley

Kay Builders' Supply Donation Drive: A Heartfelt Contribution to Family Promise of Lehigh Valley

January 2, 2024

In the spirit of giving and community support, Kay Builders recently concluded a profoundly impactful Supply Donation Drive from November 17th through December 17th. This charitable initiative aimed to assist a local organization, Family Promise of Lehigh Valley, and the response was nothing short of incredible. Here, we will look at what this organization does, how Kay Builders helps, and how people can join.

What is Family Promise of Lehigh Valley?

Family Promise of Lehigh Valley extends critical support to families facing homelessness in the region through its hospitality program. In the spirit of fostering sustainable independence, this initiative aims to build enduring partnerships among a diverse community. Their unique approach prioritizes preserving family units, enabling couples or single parents to stay with their children, and fostering unity instead of separation based on gender.

The organization offers a spectrum of essential services:

●Safe day and overnight shelter
●Individual sleeping spaces within congregations
●Transportation, mail address, three meals daily
●Assistance in securing permanent housing and employment
●Mediation, educational programs, and referrals
●Advocacy, service coordination, laundry, showers, and kitchen facilities

Following their shelter stay, the aftercare program provides graduated families with a year of continued support.

Kay Builders' Supply Donation Drive

Kay Builders' Supply Donation Drive took contributions from staff, their families, friends, and residents within their communities. The outpouring of generosity was remarkable, with donation drop-off points established at Sales Office locations, the corporate office, and the Design Studio. The donation items focus on fulfilling the pressing needs of Family Promise of Lehigh Valley. These encompass essential supplies such as toiletries, hygiene products, diapers, and more.

The culmination of this heartfelt endeavor took place on Tuesday, December 19th, as the Kay Builders team hand-delivered the amassed donations to Family Promise of Lehigh Valley's location in Allentown, PA. The overwhelming support translated into an entire van brimming with essential supplies—an uplifting testament to the power of collective goodwill.

Roslyn Kuba Explains the Importance of Donations

Roslyn Kuba, the Executive Director of Family Promise of Lehigh Valley, shared invaluable insights into the impact of these donations. "These donations are items that we consider essentials—things we take for granted. But imagine needing to ask for a sanitary napkin or toilet paper," she reflected. "We try to give our families dignity and make sure there are plenty of these items for our families. We have washers and dryers in our buildings and have laundry detergent available for our families to do their laundry. We want it to feel like home as they work on rebuilding their financial stability."

What sets Family Promise of Lehigh Valley apart is its reliance on a strong volunteer base. "We have one full-time staff person and two part-time employees who empower over 550 volunteers to provide shelter, food, and necessities for our families," Roslyn emphasized. "We are all about mentoring and getting involved with our families."

Family Promise of Lehigh Valley Makes a Difference

In 2023 alone, the Lehigh Valley Chapter expects to assist around 50 families between rotation and prevention programs. Looking ahead to 2024, Family Promise aims to double its impact on families with various strategies in consideration. Additionally, they’ve received a noteworthy HUMI grant from their National organization, a significant step toward assisting families in transitioning to apartments. Matching funds will be sought to further bolster this effort.

For those who want to contribute or provide assistance in other ways, Family Promise of Lehigh Valley extends an open invitation. "Feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about Family Promise of Lehigh Valley. We have all kinds of ways to get involved," Roslyn expressed warmly.

For more insights into Family Promise of Lehigh Valley's mission and ways to support their cause, visit their website. Together, through collective acts of kindness, we can continue to uplift and strengthen our local communities.

As a home builder in the Lehigh Valley area, we are committed to serving the community that we live and work in. To learn more about how Kay Builders supports our local community or our available communities, contact us via our online form or call 484-353-6100.

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