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Financing Options

In this time when the Newspapers and Press make it sound like it is impossible to get a mortgage, think again!

With today’s low interest rates, low home prices and the programs listed below, it is a good idea for anyone to consider purchasing a home now.

And for those renting an apartment, it makes sense to pursue the purchase of a home as opposed to renting given today’s interest rates and home prices. This is especially the case now as apartment rents are rising due to short supply of rental units. So let us run the numbers for you and show you it may be cheaper to own a home instead of renting an apartment.  

For those who have served in the Armed Forces, VA loans are a very attractive option.

All Communities have access to FHA financing which have some very attractive features. 50% of our customers have used these programs to obtain a mortgage.

There are also options for USDA loans. 

Perhaps one of the most important services we offer is a credit score improvement program. Again, because of the good relationships we have with several of our lenders, these companies will work with you to get your credit score where it needs to be. As a free service we will have a lender look at your credit report and credit score to determine if you are a candidate for the program and, in most cases, people do qualify for the improvement program. Once enrolled in the program, the lender will clear up credit issues. We have experienced great success with this program and nearly all who enroll are able to improve their credit to the necessary levels between the time a contract is signed and settlement.

Click HERE to visit the FHA.com Mortgage Calculator, a handy tool for determining what you can afford.