The World of Kitchens

The World of Kitchens

August 27, 2016

In early August, Kay Builders was approached by Lehigh Valley Magazine to contribute to an article being published in September. Known as the leading CUSTOM-i-ZABLE builder throughout the Valley, the editors over at Lehigh Valley Magazine wanted our expertise on kitchen designs. The piece was not to focus on your run-of-the-mill kitchens, but rather the modern, trendsetting, CUSTOM-i-ZABLE ones.

Brian McKendry, Vice President of Kay Builders and Shannon Cawley, Vice President of Design and Drafting, spoke with Tina Bradford, a well-known writer in the industry to discuss the ‘in’ design elements found in the modern day kitchen.

As most of you know, the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where your family congregates, socializes and more importantly entertains. The kitchen is the room in the home that gets the most use – so why not deck it out with all of the bells and whistles? Not only will you have the coolest kitchen on the block, but it will meet your needs and lifestyle.

Without giving away too much detail to spoil the upcoming article in Lehigh Valley Magazine, I will tell you this…everything is grand in the kitchen. From the extra large center island to the built in charging station for your mobile and tablet devices, the technology found in today’s kitchens are off the charts!

As I sat listening to the conversation, I began dreaming up my perfect kitchen, and you can too! From the choices in backsplashes and cabinetry alone, the sky’s the limit. According to Shannon Cawley, “no two kitchens are the same”, in the 190-200 homes Kay Builders will be constructing this year. As the saying goes, ‘to each his own’.


As we anxiously await the article’s release on newsstands, I will tell you this, customizing your home does not need to be a fantasy. Here at Kay Builders, it can become your reality. With our in-house designers and a Sales Team to walk you through the process, your dream kitchen is one phone call, email or text away. Now is the time to get creative and customize your dream home just they way you want it.

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