The Lehigh Valley’s Very Own Velodrome

The Lehigh Valley’s Very Own Velodrome

August 16, 2016

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in full swing, many Lehigh Valley dwellers are unaware of what is in their backyard. The Valley Preferred Cycling Center, better known as the Velodrome, is home to the ‘premier cycling series in North America’. A racing track for cyclists, unlike any other in the world, is located in the Lehigh Valley’s very own Trexlertown.

Throughout the year, the Valley Preferred Cycling Center hosts thousands of Olympian hopefuls as they train and perfect their sport. International cyclists included are among those who frequent the Velodrome to prepare for the Olympic Games.


Having just recently visited the Velodrome for the first time, it was truly an eye-opening experience into the world of competitive cycling. As we watched the youth training session take place, it was exciting and inspiring to see the passion in their eyes. Knowing that those competing in Rio at this very moment were once training on this concrete path, was probably a thought going through the minds of these children. Not only was it wonderful to witness, but the feeling you got as you entered the arena was like no other. Dreams are made here and you could get that sense immediately.

The Velodrome, also referred to as T-Town by avid cyclists, offers year round events. Whether you’re in the market to host a company-wide team building session, or looking to watch professionals train, there is always something to do! You can check out the their calendar of events here!


As a non-profit organization, this one-of-a-kind facility is reliant on local sponsorships and neighboring support. Kay Builders is proud to be one of those sponsors, allowing programs such as the Valley Preferred Cycling Center Junior Performance Academy to train our youth. We are honored and privileged to have such a highly-respected establishment located in the Valley and look forward to contributing to their efforts for years to come.

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