Renters Beware: Now is the Time To Buy

Renters Beware: Now is the Time To Buy

May 5, 2017

A recent article published by Builder Online, entitled ‘The Rent is too damned high’, focuses on the constant inflation of rent in the U.S. According to the article, “the median rent in the U.S. is $1,416 per month, which is enough to cover the monthly expenses associated with owning a $289,505 home”.

So what is holding renters back from taking the leap to homeownership? “Saving enough money for the downpayment”, is one significant reason, states Builder Online. Millennial’s and first time homebuyers are apprehensive about having enough money saved for a traditional downpayment. However, with all of the loan options available in the marketplace, a hefty downpayment might not be necessary. Some example of such loans include FHA, USDA and VA. There are a variety of other options to discuss with a mortgage provider. Our preferred Lender, Steve Slaski, would be more than happy to go over all of the options with you.

Kay Builders, the leading homebuilder in the Lehigh Valley, offers a variety of CUSTOM-i-ZABLE floor plans to meet this exact price point. Our designer townhomes start at $239,900 and our spacious twin villas start at $266,500, both well below the price point suggested above.

The variety of floor plans and CUSTOM-i-ZABLE options are endless. Our home are well-equipped with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood flooring and more! Each community has their own set of Included Features, which can be obtained within the sales offices.

Kay Builders has served the Lehigh County continuously for over 50 years, longer than any other homebuilding company. We have also constructed more homes in Lehigh County than other homebuilding companies, having served over 4,000 satisfied customers. Our team has had to work hard at maintaining our reputation since the Lehigh Valley is our sole source of business and we must work harder to ensure the community continues to trust the Kay Builders team. We hope you will have the trust and confidence in us to serve you in your search for a new home.

To read the entire article, ‘The Rent is too damned high’, click here. And make sure to visit Kay Builders online today!

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