Father’s Day: Our Guide to the Perfect Man Cave

Father’s Day: Our Guide to the Perfect Man Cave

June 19, 2015

Father’s Day is right around the corner – 1 week to be exact. With all of the commercials and advertisements flooding the airways, it is hard to truly decide the best gift for that special man in your life! Whether it is the latest tool set, a new grill, or tickets to his favorite 70’s rock band concert, choosing that perfect Father’s Day gift is not aways easy. Our suggestion: a man cave! What guy, any age, would not want a man cave? We’ve put together a few ideas on how to create the perfect sanctuary for your Dad…

1. Location, Location, Location

Where would the man cave reside in your dad’s home? Options can include the basement, office, garage, or an outside shed. Man caves have no rules, so any place that you can steal space from your mom is perfect! Obviously, more space the better, but in all honesty, dad’s are not picky. Giving dad his own space is priceless.

2. Themes & Schemes Set the Space

Is your dad a sports fanatic? A music guru? An animal lover? This is probably the most existing part of planning that special man cave! This is where  you can get creative and crafty.  Finding wall art, accessories and other decorative items to make the space feel special for your dad is where the fun begins. Choosing a color scheme can also  play a large role in the theme of the man cave. Does your dad have a favorite color? Maybe that will be your theme. The options are limitless.

3. Figuring Out Features

There are endless possibilities to the features that can make your dad’s man cave a home away from home. Is your dad a tech geek? Would he want a computer station?  Creating this space can be as simple as buying or repurposing a desk or if dad prefers a laptop or tablet, creating a seating area are both effective ways to designate a space for this hobby.

A second option is designating an area for models or collectibles. For example, my dad is a fanatic about model trains. Leaving space in the man cave for your dad to set up train tracks would be an awesome option. Or maybe he is into model cars. A display showcase could work in this scenario.

A movie theatre is one of the most popular options for a man cave. Whether you create stadium seating or provide your dad with a large wrap around couch, a movie theater is a great place for the guys to chill with a beer and watch a sporting event or cuddle up with his significant other and watch a movie. Just don’t forget the large flat screen!

After mentioning the beer, I think it is safe to say that a bar is yet another popular option for the traditional man cave. You can go as elaborate as a custom bar with sleek bar stools or as simply as a wine refrigerator. Remember to stock the fridge or bar with dads favorite good!

When considering all these options, remember to keep your dad in mind!

Here’s to a wonderful weekend spending time with your loved ones and of course your dad –  Happy Father’s Day!

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