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Creating a CUSTOM-i-ZABLE Community

Categories: Blog, CUSTOM-i-ZABLE, News | Posted: February 6, 2020

Handsome exteriors feature hipped roofing, stone and stucco facades, walk-out bays and covered front porches are just a few of the features you will see in a home built by Kay Builders. These are the kind of homes that Rick Koze, Kay Builders’ third-generation owner and operator, watched his father build before him. Now, more than 4,500 satisfied customers later, Koze reflects back on what his family started with a renewed commitment to where the company is headed.

“When my father came out of college, he joined up with his dad and started building. They had just bought a few properties together when his dad passed away, and he deserves a lot of credit for sticking with it. He built the business from the ground up,” says Koze. “He became one of the top builders in the Lehigh Valley and one of the things that he focused on was land development.” The responsibility of acting as both developer and builder isn’t one that all builders are likely to take on, given that building and developing are two different tasks. A developer takes raw land, obtains the necessary permits, creates building lots, and puts in sewers, water and electric lines, and streets and curbs. Then the builder normally comes in and builds the houses on that developed land.

“I followed his past [of doing both], and one of the things that he started was a site contracting businesses, so we would do all of the improvements – including the water and the sewer for the community – and I’ve grown that business,” says Koze, who spent much of his career in the mergers and acquisitions world and purchased the company from his father when he was set for retirement. “A lot of the financial discipline I learned, I transferred over to this business.”

Like it did for many other home builders, the 2008 economic downturn hit Kay Builders during a time when they had just finished several successful communities. Though their growth pattern stalled, Koze’s background in economic analysis helped the company weather the storm by having the discipline to stay on the sidelines and let the downturn pass.

Today, Kay Builders continues to add to their portfolio of new single, townhome, and twin communities across the Valley, which also now includes an active adult community – the Fields at Indian Creek – in Emmaus. Those communities include Parkview Estates in Easton, The Fields at Blue Barn Meadows in Allentown, Trio Fields in Nazareth, Scenic View West in Bushkill Township, The Fields at Creek View in Quakertown, The Fields at Jasper Ridge in Emmaus, Trexler Field in Breinigsville, and Colonial Walk in Bushkill Township.

“I think one of the things we’ve been able to do is find very good locations and not overpay for property. We’ve kept overhead very low and we’ve bought our land right,” says Koze. “What we’re trying to do is be diverse, and that means serving all market segments.”

With that line of forward thinking – and in a tight market – Kay also aims tobuild homes that people can afford. One of the qualities that has set Kay Buildersapart is their ability for clients to create a CUSTOM-i-ZABLE home. Kay Builders offers the floor plans as a framework to get started, and then the client has the freedom to move walls, rearrange traffic flows, fully redesign kitchens, move bathrooms, expand rooms, finish basements, and more. Kay Builders allows their homebuyers to start personally detailing townhomes in the low $200s. They also have a state-of-the-art full Design Studio, located in Emmaus, where clients can meet with Studio Design Consultants to coordinate cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, faucets, appliances and more.

“You can’t overestimate how important that is to a new home buyer. I think we’re one of the only builders that allows these major changes to a townhome and make changes to the floor plan that you’re typically not allowed to,” says Koze. “You can bump out. You can add bathrooms. And it’s just a fun process. We like to make it where our customers can actually design their plans.”

Koze also knows that in a world where design software is readily available and where every prospective customer likely has seen a lot of HGTV, there’s always the chance that a customer takes their home dreams elsewhere. After so many decades in the business, however, that’s a risk he’s willing to take. The Kay Builders model of business is all about up-front transparency – and Koze has seen it all become worth it in the end when new homeowners are handed their keys.

“When it’s all said and done, you want to look at people enjoying life. You want to see them out in their yard. You like to drive by when it’s done and say, ‘Look, we built that beautiful house’,” he says. “You’re creating a community where people are socializing with their neighbors and justenjoying their homes. That’s the most important part.”says Koze.

Ready to build your Lehigh Valley dream home? Kay Builders would love to hear from you. Visit for more information or call our offices at 484-353-6100.

Excavation Begins at The Fields at Jasper Ridge

Categories: Blog, Community News, The Fields at Jasper Ridge | Posted: June 19, 2018

Site work has begun at The Fields at Jasper Ridge, located in Emmaus, PA. With its breathtaking views and stellar location, this community is a true gem. The Fields at Jasper Ridge takes its name from the area’s rare findings of the jasper mineral among the earth and its evident superior view. Jasper mineral was a significant part of the area’s history, allowing settlers to sell their handmade arrowheads for other necessary goods. The abundance of jasper and exceptional fertile land made for a strong farming economy; the land as we now know it is located in Upper Milford!

Places such as the Stahl Preservation Society, The Jasper Park Complex, The Upper Milford Historical Society and the Upper Milford Museum display artifacts and present lectures on the area’s history.

With its proximity to major highways such as 29, 78, 100, 222 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the community’s accesibility to shopping, dining and other major attractions make The Fields at Jasper Ridge’s location ideal. While it is close to many of Lehigh Valley’s wonderful entertainment, you’ll find peace and privacy in this community set on quiet streets with minimum traffic while still conveniently close to everything. The homes are nestled among rolling hills and recreation areas — a truly rural setting right in the heart of things!

At The Fields at Jasper ridge, we are currently offering Twin Villas, a perfectly designed home for all ages! Whether you are looking to downsize into a first floor master or looking to purchase your first home, we have a variety for CUSTOM-i-ZABLE floor plans to meet your each and every need.

Some of the outstanding features include: masonry façades and varied rooflines, one and two car garages, choice of open or traditional layouts, gourmet kitchens and so much more!

The community is currently being sold out of a Sales Office off of Cedar Crest Blvd., where inventory is selling quickly. Please feel free to take a moment to check out some great photos we were able to capture of the site! More photos can be found on our website.


New Lots Released: The Fields at Indian Creek

Categories: Blog, News, The Fields at Indian Creek | Posted: April 17, 2018

Kay Builders is excited to announce the release of New Lots at The Fields at Indian Creek. Featuring a lush landscape with mature trees, manmade trails for walking or biking and majestic views, The Fields at Indian Creek is Lehigh Valley’s Premier Active Adult Community. Located primarily in Upper Milford Township, the community is within walking distance of downtown Emmaus. Shopping, dining and recreation are within reach of this low-maintenance, convenient setting.

Our CUSTOM-i-ZABLE homes offer flexible floor plans to meet your changing needs. Entertaining your guests in style with modern layouts, open-concept living and gourmet kitchens to name a few. The homes you help design are big on amenities and customization capabilities, value priced so that you can have what you want and still afford life’s little luxuries.

You will be mesmerized by our three Fully-Decorated Model Homes, designed with you in mind. Each home showcases a different floor plan, allowing you the chance to decide for yourself what is most important to you and your new home!

If you are ready for less maintenance home, you can customize in a tranquil environment just steps away from enriching activities come to The Fields at Indian Creek. Enjoy more leisure time in a community crafted just for you. It’s your time.

To see our photo gallery of our beautiful model homes, click here.

2018 is the Time to Buy!

Categories: Blog | Posted: February 9, 2018

 Purchasing a new home, whether you’re a first time homebuyer or a season veteran, is a big deal. Choosing the location and figuring out financing, among other things, can be intimidating, however, the benefits and rewards are worth it!

As 2018 marches on, analysts believe now, more than ever is the time to buy. For starters, the record low interest rates that had been lingering on for the past couple of years were bound to increase, which they have. We are now seeing rates above 4% and as the Feds continue to increase these throughout the year, interest rates are expected to be around 5% by the end of 2018. Not that this is a scare tactic to the buyer, the interest rate can make or break the ability to purchase.

Secondly,  prices are expected to climb this year. While the pricing is unlikely to make a rapid escalation, an increase will still occur. Location plays a large factor of the fluctuation, so that this into consideration. Javier Vivas, director of economic research for “forecasts a home price increase of 3.2% year-over-year, after finishing 2017 with a 5.5% year-over-year increase” ( Whether the increase is large or small, it will occur in 2018.

As we saw in the 2017, the housing inventory was exceptionally low. We are expected to see an increase as 2018. More options will be available in both the resale and new construction sector of the market. This is ideal for buyers.

To learn more about the housing market predictions for 2018, read the full article here.

Have You Heard?

Categories: Blog, News, Press | Posted: September 1, 2017

If you haven’t read the newspaper or seen this article on, now is your chance. Not only will this development be monumental for Kay Builders, but for the entire region!

For six decades, Kay Builders Inc. has been an influential part of neighborhoods in Allentown and across the suburbs of the Lehigh Valley. In 1961, founder Dick Koze quickly established a reputation for excellence as an innovative new home builder in the Lehigh Valley among his peers and the three generations of satisfied homebuyers who enjoy a quality built, customized home or townhome. With twenty-nine communities to its credit, this innovative, award-winning builder is the choice of many who have come to call the Lehigh Valley home. Now owned and operated by son Rick Koze, this third generation builder uses the same skills and principles that made Kay Builders a home building success early on. Rick grew up in the construction business, earned an economics degree from Yale University and had a 20-year career in finance before taking the helm at Kay Builders in 2002. He brings with him the perspective of the contemporary home buyer along with business experience and acumen. Rick and the Kay team, with their years of work in the Lehigh Valley, know the best land and locations to build new single, townhome, twin and active adult communities.

As a family-owned and operated business, Kay Builders eliminates costly managerial layers between builder and customer. With a lower cost structure, we are able to deliver a customized home with many included features at a good price while using materials and building methods that exceed industry standards. You will receive personal assistance from senior members of the Kay Builders Team.

Flexible zoning in South Whitehall landed massive Kay Builders development

By: Sarah M. Wojcik
Contact Reporter of The Morning Call

When sketch plans for 810 singles, twins, town homes and apartments came across the desk of South Whitehall Township planners, it didn’t go unnoticed.

“I don’t think the township has ever seen anything like this on this scale,” said South Whitehall planner Gregg Adams. But the enormous Ridge Farm, proposed for 190 acres along Cedar Crest Boulevard between Walbert Avenue and Huckleberry Road, isn’t just big for South Whitehall.

It’s big for the entire region, according to Lehigh Valley Planning Commission Executive Director Becky Bradley. “That’s the type of scale of development you’d see in Las Vegas during the housing boom,” Bradley said. “It’s absolutely a big deal.”

Kay Builders has been a part of many big projects, but President Rick Koze said Ridge Farm, which would also include retail space, would be the company’s largest yet. The land was purchased through a competitive bid about 10 months ago after years of discussions with the landowner, according to Koze. Ridge Farm Partnership and Jeras Corp. were listed as the owners on a township legal notice with Kay Builders as the applicant.

“It’s one of the better locations in the whole area,” Koze said. “What we’re planning would ultimately be a very diverse offering.”

It’s the kind of walkable, mixed-use community that has been lauded by urban planners and said to be preferred by 56 percent of millennials and 46 percent of baby boomers, according to a 2016 report by the New York-based Regional Plan Association.

The only development in the Lehigh Valley underway of similar style and scale is Madison Farms in Bethlehem Township, which when finished will comprise 837 apartments, single-family and town homes — as well as ponds, walking trails, open space and a dog park. In addition, the development’s 153,000 square feet of retail space is already completed and occupied.

While the stellar school district and access to major Lehigh Valley highways make the site attractive, Koze said it was South Whitehall’s forward-thinking — and recently revamped — zoning rules that were the big seller. South Whitehall’s latest comprehensive plan permits zoning features and overlay districts that promote walkable communities as part of the township’s vision of village clusters.

Kay Builders’ plan, which was first floated before the South Whitehall Planning Commission in May, calls for a traditional neighborhood development residential cluster on about 129 acres and various subdivisions on the remaining 61 acres.

The cluster would consist of 189 single-family homes, 100 twins and 216 apartments in six three-story buildings. There would also be four four-story mixed-use buildings with 75,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space topped with 219 apartments. A community clubhouse and village plaza would fill out about 13 acres, leaving about 27 acres as common open space, according to the preliminary sketch plans.

The remaining parcels would include seven single-dwelling lots of at least 80,000 square feet a piece and six single-dwelling units on at least 1 acre each. A 25-acre section would be subdivided to make room for 72 twins and a single dwelling on lots of at least 8,400 square feet. Kay Builders seeks to rezone the remaining 6.9 acres for general commercial to include two buildings totaling 45,000 square feet.

The plan would require Kay Builders to win conditional use approval, partial rezoning and land development approval. But right now, Koze is only looking for guidance from the Planning Commission on whether it would be worth it to move forward with the idea and submit a more detailed plan.

Koze said he decided to give the ambitious and varied concept a shot because of South Whitehall’s recent zoning changes and vision.

“As a developer you don’t want to fight too many uphill battles,” Koze said. “The current zoning in a lot of townships doesn’t allow for the flexible mixed-use development. There’s few places where they’ve been forward thinking and they’ve allowed it. South Whitehall is one of them. That’s very attractive to a developer.”

‘Synchronicity’ in South Whitehall

Though approval is months, if not years, away and any construction in the Ridge Farm’s eight-phase plan is even further out, its location along the suburban Walbert Avenue corridor comes as other projects are moving forward. One of those, the 249-home Jaindl Land Co. and Toll Brothers project known as the Hills at Winchester, is on the cusp of construction.

Another potential project, this one by Pennsylvania Venture Capital, is near Ridge Farm on a portion of the Grandview Cemetery property at 2735 Walbert Ave. The developer is looking to pursue zoning change for the 8 acres west of the cemetery in the hopes of getting the green light for denser housing.

None of these projects will be finished simultaneously, but there’s no denying that the timing will keep South Whitehall staff busy. The last time South Whitehall doled out 100 permits for new housing was in 2006, according to township community development manager Gerald Harbison. These projects have the potential to bring back those large numbers.

“There’s kind of a synchronicity to these projects which has them all happening right now,” said Adams, the township planner.

Koze’s comments on the appeal of South Whitehall’s zoning laws tells township leaders their message is getting across, according to Matthew Mulqueen, a member of the South Whitehall Board of Commissioners.

“We want growth,” Mulqueen said. “We want people to do what they want with their land, but we want to make sure it’s smart growth, long-term growth.”

Township Commissioner President Christina Tori Morgan said it’s important for residents to realize the considerable behind-the-scenes work that goes into these projects to ensure they don’t create serious hardships for the community.

“These things take a lot of time. People get concerned that this can all go up overnight. That’s not going to happen,” Morgan said. “There is a lot of strategic thought in how you’re going to do this in a smart way.”

Traffic will be a chief concern. The area is just north of a heavily traveled section of Cedar Crest that includes the Target- and Weis-anchored Crest Plaza Shopping Center on the west side and office buildings on the east side. With PennDOT in charge of Walbert and Cedar Crest Boulevard, Harbison said the traffic studies will be comprehensive.

Koze said he’s nearly done with the preliminary required traffic studies and soil testing for stormwater management work — the two most serious hurdles to any project.

Morgan said the public, too, will have their say.

“We’ll definitely have meetings on this,” she said. “We want the public to be a part of it.”

Koze agreed that he’d want to hear from residents to see if there are any concerns he can address.


What: Mixed-use development of 810 singles, twins, town homes and apartments and 120,000-square feet of retail space proposed by Kay Builders.

Where: 190 acres along Cedar Crest Boulevard between Walbert Avenue and Huckleberry Road in South Whitehall.

Status: Sketch plan presented to get input from township Planning Commission

New Floor Plan Released!

Categories: Blog, Community News, The Fields at Indian Creek | Posted: August 4, 2017

Kay Builders, a trusted, family-owned builder in the Lehigh Valley for more than 55 years, has built over 30 new home communities in the best locations, and is thrilled to be branching into the Active Adult segment.

Located primarily in Upper Milford Township, The Fields at Indian Creek, is within walking distance of Emmaus and its many conveniences. Featuring single homes with luxury details and that signature Kay Builders CUSTOM-i-ZABLE capability over 4,000 customers have come to love, all this is just minutes away from major highways leading to wherever you’d like. Now is the time to get the home you have always wanted in the low-maintenance, convenient, bucolic setting of your dreams.

Kay Builders is excited to unveil its newest First Floor Master plan at The Fields at Indian Creek. The Blanchard I and Blanchard II are well-appointed floor plans that offer functional living space and many CUSTOM-i-ZABLE options. The Blanchard I, starting from $283,900 offers 1420 sq. ft. of living space, with 2 generously sized bedrooms and 2 full bathroom. The home also comes well equipped with a Drop Zone, conveniently positioned near the front door and 2-car garage to keep your belongings tucked away. The fully-equipped kitchen opens up to the dining room and great room, making it a usable space for entertaining or for relaxing with a cup of coffee in the morning. The Master Suite is positioned in the back of the home for quiet and privacy. A luxurious master bath and walk-in closet complete this beautiful home.

If you feel that you need a bit more space for visiting guests or storage, our in-house designers came up with the Blanchard II, starting at $317,900. With all the great same features as the Blanchard I, the II as a 2nd floor well-equipped with a 3rd bedroom, 3rd full bathroom  and a open loft.

The beautiful exterior designs make for a stunning home both inside and outside. Whether you chose stone, brick and/or siding, each home is uniquely crafted for our homeowners. We pride ourselves in excellent workmanship, design and our valuable included features.

Kay Builders can’t wait to Welcome You Home to The Fields at Indian Creek, featuring lush landscape with mature trees, majestic views, 39 acres of open space, preserved areas and manmade trails for walking or biking plus a spacious activities clubhouse – where you can catch up with neighbors and meet new ones. To learn more, visit us on the web at

Trio Fields Releases New Townhome Building

Categories: Blog, CUSTOM-i-ZABLE, Press, Trio Fields | Posted: June 20, 2017

With the sizzling heat and the summer sun, Kay Builders is excited to announce the release of Building 26 at our Trio Fields location. These lots won’t last long, so make sure to schedule your appointment today!

Trio Fields, located in Nazareth, is close to many modern conveniences such as the Sands Casino, Blue Mountain Resort, downtown Bethlehem, biking and walking trails, national retailers and more! There is so much to do in an around the Lehigh Valley, you’ll have your choice of entertainment year-round.

When completed, Trio Fields will feature 221 townhouse and 152 single-family homes.

Our CUSTOM-i-ZABLE floor plans are truly one-of-a-kind. Pairing exterior masonry with a variety of architectural accents makes for an atheistically pleasing townhome. Inside, our homes feature granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and basements, to name a few.

We urge you to take some time to read about Kay Builders are our longevity within the community. Kay Builders has served the Lehigh Valley continuously for over 50 years, longer than any other homebuilding company. We have also constructed more homes in Lehigh County than other homebuilding companies, having served over 4,000 satisfied customers. Our team has had to work hard at maintaining our reputation since the Lehigh Valley is our sole source of business and we must work harder to ensure the community continues to trust the Kay Builders team. We hope you will have the trust and confidence in us to serve you in your search for a new home.

Twin Villas, Nicer Than Singles

Categories: Blog, Trexler Field | Posted: May 27, 2017

If you’re in the market for a new home, now is the time to visit Trexler Field. The serene, wooded setting in Upper Macungie Township features 282 twin villa sites, nestled in the pastoral hills of Breinigsville. With beautiful South Mountain as a backdrop, lush trees on the periphery, the meandering Schaefer Run stream nearby and 124 acres dedicated to open space, the community will feature three distinct neighborhoods, a walking trail, and nature preserve. Twin villas sized from 1900 to 2500 square feet plus a 2-car garage highlight the first neighborhood. Pricing starts from $268,500.

Kay Builders, a household name in the homebuilding industry, has proven to the Lehigh Valley, that their design elements and style stand the test of time. Since 1961, Kay Builders has served over 4,000 customers. Our CUSTOM-i-ZABLE floor plans are unlike any of our competitors. We offer exceptional value and unbeatable included features.

Kay Builders expertise and innovative design techniques are on display as they present the exciting twin villa concept at Trexler Field. While others build mirror image twins, Kay Builders’ twins, called villas for their generous dimensions and country charm, are as distinct as the community they’re in. Trexler Field offers 19 villa styles to choose from, with varying facades that are uniquely paired to give each the look of a large custom single style home. Professionally selected materials include brick facades, architectural roof shingles, and upscale garage door designs. With our technical expertise, you are assured that pairings of the villas are both compatible and perfectly blended within the neighborhood.

Please make sure to stop by and visit Sandy Sekerak, Sales Manager for Trexler Field. Having worked for Kay Builders for over 17 years, Sandy is willing and able to get you into the dream home you’ve always wanted.  The Sales office is open Thursdays-Tuesdays 11am-5pm. We look forward to Welcoming You Home.

Renters Beware: Now is the Time To Buy

Categories: Blog | Posted: May 5, 2017

A recent article published by Builder Online, entitled ‘The Rent is too damned high’, focuses on the constant inflation of rent in the U.S. According to the article, “the median rent in the U.S. is $1,416 per month, which is enough to cover the monthly expenses associated with owning a $289,505 home”.

So what is holding renters back from taking the leap to homeownership? “Saving enough money for the downpayment”, is one significant reason, states Builder Online. Millennial’s and first time homebuyers are apprehensive about having enough money saved for a traditional downpayment. However, with all of the loan options available in the marketplace, a hefty downpayment might not be necessary. Some example of such loans include FHA, USDA and VA. There are a variety of other options to discuss with a mortgage provider. Our preferred Lender, Steve Slaski, would be more than happy to go over all of the options with you.

Kay Builders, the leading homebuilder in the Lehigh Valley, offers a variety of CUSTOM-i-ZABLE floor plans to meet this exact price point. Our designer townhomes start at $239,900 and our spacious twin villas start at $266,500, both well below the price point suggested above.

The variety of floor plans and CUSTOM-i-ZABLE options are endless. Our home are well-equipped with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood flooring and more! Each community has their own set of Included Features, which can be obtained within the sales offices.

Kay Builders has served the Lehigh County continuously for over 50 years, longer than any other homebuilding company. We have also constructed more homes in Lehigh County than other homebuilding companies, having served over 4,000 satisfied customers. Our team has had to work hard at maintaining our reputation since the Lehigh Valley is our sole source of business and we must work harder to ensure the community continues to trust the Kay Builders team. We hope you will have the trust and confidence in us to serve you in your search for a new home.

To read the entire article, ‘The Rent is too damned high’, click here. And make sure to visit Kay Builders online today!


The Perks of Owning a Home? No Ice Scraper Needed!

Categories: Blog | Posted: April 15, 2017

Now that the snow is has finally melted from our March 2017 blizzard, we can begin to long for those hot summer nights we all love to enjoy! Outdoor barbecue’s, a splash in the pool and delicious ‘in season’ fruit is right around the corner. But as truth be told, the winter months always seem to creep up faster than we can blink an eye. So now, while the weather is right, we should begin to prepare for next winter. How do we do that, you ask? Simple, buy a home!

Instead of dreading the weather and preparing for yet another dreadful winter, let’s come up with a solution…trade your ice-scraper in for a garage door opener!

Research shows that interest rates are slowly creeping; the demand is higher and the inventory remains at an all time low, so locking in your mortgage rate is crucial.

One of the many perks for today’s millennials and all home buyers for that matter, is having a garage, a luxury that especially comes in handy when it precipitates. Garages can also provide great storage for your home and is a great return on investment when going to sell. Spend your time enjoying the beauty of the winter months instead of spending the energy scraping the ice off of your car and act now!

Visit any of our communities to learn about financing today! We can help you get into the home you’ve always wanted. To learn more about Kay Builders, the Largest Homebuilder in the Lehigh Valley, visit us on the web at or call us at 484-353-6100! Kay Builders: Truly CUSTOM-i-ZABLE Homes. CUSTOM-i-ZABLY You. Handcrafted by Us.